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NCC is now home to 6 brand new Pickleball courts!


Pickleball Rules:


· Court Times can be reserved from 8am-9pm Tuesday-Sunday (Last match should end at 10pm as Court Lights will be on a timer to shut off at 10:15pm)

· Reservation times will be 90 minute duration blocks. This will be done to provide more member access in the beginning.

· Court Reservations may be made up to 72 hours in advance. Example-you can book a 3pm court time for a Friday starting at 3pm on Tuesday.

· The courts are only for Newnan Country Club Members and their invited guests. Guest fees are $15 and a guest may only play here once per quarter. This is the same rule in place for golf as well. We will be providing more information in the coming weeks as to how all players register once you arrive.

· All Food or Drink should be kept outside the court fences. Hydration water, etc can be with the players.

· Proper attire should be worn at all times. Hard sole shoes, sandals, flip flops or bare feet are not permitted.

· Courts are for Pickleball use only. Wheeled vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards or other toys are not allowed on the courts.

· Dogs are not allowed on the courts.


We are planning a Pickleball social party event to get things kicked off once we are open. We will also have lessons and introductory classes available for you as well!