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    Tennis Court Rules and Guidelines


  1. Regulation tennis shoes are mandatory. Street shoes are not allowed on tennis courts.
  2. Acceptable tennis attire, including shirts, must be worn.
  3. Standardized tennis clothing in various colors as well as white is permitted. This rule also applies to warm-up suits.
  4. Playing tennis in bathing suits is strictly prohibited.


  1. No food is allowed on courts.
  2. No chairs or other like materials are allowed on courts.
  3. Each person is responsible for cleaning up any litter on or around the courts after their court time.


  1. Conduct on the courts is every member’s responsibility. If you see conduct unbecoming to Newnan Country Club, it is your responsibility to report this to the Club’s General Manager and the Club office where it can be dealt with by the governing body of the Club.
  2. Do not enter any court, or collect or ask for balls from neighboring courts until the rally has finished.
  3. Please return tennis balls to adjoining courts as soon as it is convenient.
  4. It is in the interest of all, especially in doubles, to keep the game flowing. Also, please ensure that the server is provided with tennis balls at all times.
  5. In normal practice, the receiver(s) will call any line calls. If there is any doubt, a let (“do-over”) should be played.
  6. Please show good sportsmanship when playing or watching matches.
  7. The use of foul language, abusive outbursts and/or intimidating behavior by any member will NOT be tolerated, especially in social sessions.


The tennis courts are for the use of the members, their dependents and registered guests under the rules specified below.

  1. Non-NCC member usage: Members shall be allowed to bring a non-member guest to play tennis, provided the member registers the guest in the Pro shop when the reservation is made. The member pays six dollars ($13) per hour per guest; the member shall not bring the same guest more than two (2) times per month.
  2. Any Club sanctioned event (tournament, clinic, etc.) has priority over individual play.
  3. When other members are waiting, play will be limited to one (1) hour for singles and two (2) hours for doubles.
  4. Courts may be reserved in advance, and those players holding reservations have priority over those players who have not reserved the court in question.
  5. Court reservations will be defaulted fifteen (15) minutes past the reserved time.
  6. If a player has a starting time and cannot make it, that player is requested to call the Pro Shop and cancel.
  7. Upon completion of play at night, it will be the responsibility of the member playing on the court to see that all lights are turned off when leaving the court.
  8. Children under the age of eighteen (18) shall not be allowed to reserve the tennis courts on Saturdays and Sundays more than twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Children using the courts at any time without reservations shall be required to relinquish the court to the adult players upon request.


  1. The draw will be seeded as fairly as possible. The decision of the Chairperson(s) of the tournament with respect to seeding will be final.
  2. Tournaments will be adequately published before hand. No entries will be accepted after the posted deadline. Entries may be made by sign-up at the Pro Shop, in person, or by telephone to the tournament chairperson. All entry fees will be billed by the Club effective when the draw is made. Forfeits do not constitute grounds for refund of entry fees.
  3. All major tournaments will have four (4) divisions; Championship, A, B, and C. However, there must be four (4) entries to constitute a division. If there are less than four (4) entries in a division, those entries will be included in the next higher division.
  4. All division winners from the Club Championship tournament must move to the next higher division for any subsequent tournament through the next season of play. In all cases of doubles, the highest ranked individual will determine the level of play. Also, in case of doubles, should an individual win two (2) major tournaments at a given level with different partners, then that person must move up to the next level in any subsequent tournaments.
  5. A forfeit counts as one (1) loss.
  6. The official draw will be posted in the Pro Shop; it will be every individual participant’s responsibility to check the posted draw for opponents and times. The Tournament Committee will not do this.
  7. The winners must post match results in the Pro Shop immediately – if the Pro Shop is closed, then as soon as possible.
  8. A junior may elect to play the adult tournament; however, that junior is no longer eligible for the junior tournaments through that year’s championship.
  9. U.S.T.A. approved balls are used. The winner takes the unopened can of balls. Best two (2) out of three (3) sets will determine the winner. Default time limit of twenty (20) minutes will be enforced.
  10. Tournament rules are effective on an annual basis. Such other rules as may be deemed necessary for a given tournament may be set by the Tournament Committee. These rules may be amended at any time by the Tournament Committee and may vary from tournament to tournament. Any requests for rule changes should be directed to the Tennis Committee for the following year.
  11. Adult ALTA: All adult ALTA teams who wish to be registered as NCC Home Teams shall require one hundred percent (100%) Newnan Country Club membership.


  1. Final interpretation of the rules in special cases will be left to the discretion of the Tennis Committee.
  2. Each member is requested to help enforce the rules by reminding others of their violations, and reporting infractions to the Tennis Committee.
  3. No children under twelve (12) years of age allowed without adult supervision or approved by the Tennis Pro.
  4. Tennis instructions at NCC: Non-members shall be allowed to enroll in a class offered at NCC as long as they pay non-member court fees (to be determined by the instructor) as well as the teaching fee, as long as they are sponsored by a member. When court space is an issue, children’s classes shall be conducted on the two (2) courts in front of the pool.