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    Tennis Instruction

Jack Coffey

Teaching Philosophy
For those new to Tennis , it should be viewed as an opportunity to get fit, enjoy the fresh air, make new friends and if so desired an outlet for that competitive nature you may have. Tennis can be a fun family venture for all ages.

For those who already have experience playing, I want to provide some new insight into developing, executing your strategy and enhancing your game.

My keys to becoming a better tennis player falls into:

  • Court Positioning
  • Footwork
  • Swing Fundamentals

Tennis is a sport for life, something you and you’re kids can learn together, grow together and play together. It offers opportunities for High School and College Athletics, Junior league play and Adult league play.

I would be thrilled if you let us, at Newnan Country Club, help you on your journey to become a better tennis player and get to where you want to be.